Graphic Novel Night Stars receives option deal from DeCheser Media

Graphic Novel Night Stars receives option deal from DeCheser Media

February, 23, 2014 – DeCheser Media has optioned the rights for the graphic novel series, Night Stars, created by writer Tim Lattie

Night Stars:

Night Stars was created by writer/artist Tim Lattie and follows the story of Adam, John and Leslie, three everyday kids gearing up for winter break. When a poorly officiated government leads the country to nuclear holocaust, all of humanity is lost in one day—except for three. Swept away on a flying saucer, they escape annihilation only to find themselves 67 years in the past in ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO!

It’s June 24th, 1947 and the ship carrying the kids crash-lands on Mack Brazil’s farm. A young ranch hand, Dee Proctor, finds the crashed saucer and helps the kids escape before the United States Air Force arrives to retrieve the wreckage. What happens next is a wild adventure as the kids try to evade capture from government agents and somehow get back to their damaged ship. The Night Stars series follows the kids and their journeys throughout time.

Will they decide to change history or simply become it?

About DeCheser Media:

DeCheser Media has provided production services for many talented artists and international brands including Keith Richards, The Final Four, David Bowie, Microsoft, The Grammy Awards, Linkin Park, Klipsch Audio, Novartis, Cadbury and MTV. Under Executive Producer Michael DeCheser, the company’s creative approach and attention to detail has won them over thirty industry awards including the “DV Awards”, “Telly Awards”, “Videographer Awards”, “MarCom Awards” and the “Communicator Awards”.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” states Michael DeCheser. “Night Stars is a wonderful series about youth, adventure, history and science fiction. Our goal is to bring Night Stars to people everywhere through print, television and film. Night Stars will resonate with people of all ages.”

About Lattie Ink:

Lattie Ink is a small comic book studio based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally founded in 2005 by Tim Lattie, artist on such titles as White Picket Fences, Return to Point Pleasant and Ape Entertainments Cartoona Palooza. It has since become an independent publisher with worldwide distribution, mainly for it’s flagship title: Night Stars.

“I couldn’t be more grateful; it’s been my dream to bring Night Stars to a much larger audience and with DeCheser Media that dream is now becoming a reality. Just like the story itself, the possibilities are endless.” – Tim Lattie

For any press inquiries contact DeCheser Media at 973-585-6440