What country do you live in?
Are you Male or Female?
What is your ethnicity?
What is your age?
Do you listen regularly to the radio?
Please list your 3 favorite blogs for music news and new music discovery
Which of the following Online or Digital Services do you use regularly FOR MUSIC? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
What are your favorite TV shows?
Do you often play video games?
What kind of operating system does your mobile phone use?
Do you own any of the following [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
Other than Linkin Park related sites, which websites do you MOST OFTEN visit?
Which of these are you signed up on? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
How often do you visit linkinpark.com?
Do you subscribe to Linkin Park's Official YouTube Channel, LinkinParkTV?
Did you attend Linkin Park's most recent tour (2012/2013)?
Where did you purchase the tickets?
Do you own a copy of Linkin Park's latest album, LIVING THINGS?
Which of these magazines do you read often: (either physical copy or digitally)?
Who are your favorite musical artists that you would like to see perform live with Linkin Park?
What are your 3 favorite Linkin Park Music Videos?
Do you most often listen to music on headphones or through speakers?
Which of these do you most often use as a source for music?
Which Device do you most often use to listen to music?
Do you read your local daily newspaper REGULARLY?
What are your 3 favorite Linkin Park songs?
Which of the following statements about Linkin Park is most true?
Which activities or interests do you regularly engage in? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
Which of these sports do you follow or watch regularly? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):
Which of the following car brands do you have a favorable opinion of?: [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
Which of the following Audio brands do you have a favorable opinion of?: [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
Which of the following Computer brands do you have a favorable opinion of?: [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]
What fashion blogs or websites do you visit, if any? Check any boxes that apply.
Name 3 favorite clothing brands:

Name 3 favorite shoe brands:

Are you curious about what brands Linkin Park likes to wear?
Do you use a computer to record or create music?
Do you pay a subscription fee for any of the following services [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]:
Which of the following YouTube Channels do you watch frequently? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]:
How excited are you about the following?
a) A new Linkin Park album
b) A new Fort Minor album
b) A new Dead By Sunrise album
d) A new Linkin Park tour
e) MALL, a new film by Joe Hahn with soundtrack by Linkin Park
f) RECHARGE, a new video game for Facebook by Linkin Park
g) Additions & Improvements to Stagelight music software
h) Linkin Park merchandise & collaborations such as Sebago boot, Soundwave Transformer toy, Linkin Park Nendoroids
Are you a current member of Linkin Park Underground (LPU)?
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